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Can Outsourced Telemarketing for Your Events Work?

Telemarketing can be a powerful way to generate leads, especially for association and corporate events.

When outsourced, it is low risk, and can help you develop the new audiences you need to keep your events vital.

And unlike maintaining an in-house telemarketing operation, outsourcing lets you easily blanket all time zones, and take advantage of the “switch-on, switch-off” flexibility an outside group provides (and a stable of employees, even part-time employees, does not).

Outsourcing also lets you save on talent-recruitment fees, training, holiday pay, desk space, telephone, computers, software, and many other resources.

Besides those savings, you get access to top-tier telemarketing talent (the same advantage that drives associations and corporations to outsource functions like accounting, IT, and legal counsel). And in telemarketing for events, talented reps really matter.

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