Get Stuff Done

July 20th, 2017

Telemarketing can be a powerful way to generate leads, especially for association and corporate events. When outsourced, it is low risk, and can help you develop the new audiences you need to keep your events vital. And unlike maintaining an in-house telemarketing operation, outsourcing lets you easily blanket all time zones, and take…


March 11th, 2017

New research from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research shows association trade show organizers spend seven times less on outbound telemarketing campaigns than their for-profit peers. The lower spend could in part explain why association-owned shows have recently seen a falloff in attendance, exhibits and income. Association trade show…


December 2nd, 2016

Don’t kid yourself. Cold calls are still integral to sales. But they continue to be a source of dread.Prospects who’ve given no real indication they’re interested in your offer may not listen to it. And sales reps who curl up at rejection may not make the calls in the first place.What can you do to make cold calling less a…


October 31st, 2016

Every year, Chief Marketing Officers spend more money on social media.It’s a trend we’ve seen for well over a decade—and there’s no end in sight.During the next five years, according to The CMO Survey, spending by CMOs on social media will rise to become 21% of their total budgets.But where’s the corresponding impact?The…


September 22nd, 2016

Three years ago, marketing guru Mark Schaefer coined the term “content shock” to describe customers’ reaction to the surplus of online marketing content.“In any human, natural, or economic system, when there is an overabundance of some commodity, and there is a limited capacity to consume that good, something has to change,” Schaefer…