Our Services Include

  • In-Person & Virtual Event Attendance
  • Exhibit & Sponsorship Lead Generation
  • Consulting & Script Writing for In-House Campaigns
  • Customer & Member Satisfaction Surveys
  • Membership Renewals
  • Database Mining, Cleansing & Updating
  • You can count on Foundation Marketing Group to increase and maximize attendance for your next event, whether it be an in-person or virtual conference, trade show, webinar or convention.

    We know what it takes to convert busy professionals into avid audiences.

    Experienced, highly articulate telephone reps produce informational, courtesy calls—NOT “sales” calls, to your unique and sophisticated market. This proven approach produces the best possible results, while preserving your brand.

    Results are produced by reaching out to your target audience. You may already be getting “good” attendance via email, direct mail and social media, but think of Foundation Marketing Group as an additional marketing channel to help you get “great” attendance (and profits)!


Attract. Recruit. Retain.

Members are hard to come by nowadays. Foundation Marketing Group knows what it takes to recruit new members and retain old ones.

Think of us as your Millennial member machine.

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Generate Revenue

Want to increase the number of exhibit booths at your next event? Sponsorships sagging? Foundation Marketing Group knows what it takes to reach hard-to-reach exhibitors and sponsors, and persuade them to consider your offerings.

Think of us as your supplementary sales force.


Feed Your Pipeline

Email marketing, social media, advertising, trade shows (and perhaps even your sales reps), alone won’t always fill your pipeline. and they won’t necessarily ensure quality leads.

Foundation Marketing Group is now your solution as a key way to generate leads!

Whether you manufacture a product, or provide a service, we’ll reach the key people in the new or existing markets you wish to penetrate.

Experienced, highly articulate telephone reps produce informational, courtesy calls — NOT “sales” calls, to create brand awareness and stimulate interest for your company.

Foundation Marketing Group knows what it takes to identify, qualify, score and cultivate new leads so your sales staff can close more business!


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    Foundation Marketing Group, Inc. is a B2B telemarketing company serving clients nationwide and in the Washington, DC area.