Client Comments

Thank you very much! It’s great to see how many registrations came from this campaign. Seems pretty successful!

Ashley C., Marketing Manager, Event Management Company

We’ve had, over the years, different telemarketing firms that we’ve worked with, and not always received the results we wanted. Not only does Foundation Marketing Group deliver results, it adds value.

Tim W., Chief Revenue Officer, Financial Services Association

Your customer service is far above anyone else and we truly appreciate the care you show to our account and brand.

Tina W., Director, Trade Show Marketing, Manufacturing Trade Show

We were impressed with your work and would like to use you on next year’s campaigns.

Ben P., Marketing Director, Manufacturing Industry Exposition Company

You guys are the best!

Eric C., Director Education Competitions, Teacher’s Association

I want to thank you all for doing such an amazing job. You’re great partners to work with.

Cheryl S., Director of Marketing & Sales, National Contractors Association

Thank you for all your hard work on the campaign-hope for a successful event. Great working with you and Foundation again!

Zoe G., Head of Campaign Marketing, Exposition Company

I appreciate how responsive and proactive Foundation Marketing Group is. For four years it has made the whole process of filling seats at our webcasts a highly predictable one.

DawnEl H., Web Event Director, Technology Media Company

Thank you for the outstanding service. Looking for a wildly successful event!

Kyra H., Director, Marketing, Retail Association

I always appreciate the job your staff does for us. They are telephone professionals and their courteous manner on the phone with our client’s list is very much appreciated.

Susan R., President, Tradeshow Management Company, Retail Industry

Thank you for the strong effort. Tremendous amount of thanks for your ability to change gears quickly and jump on this.

Dave M., Aerospace Industry Manager, Manufacturing Trade Association

Great job this year!

Colette F., Trade Show Director, Media Company

I want to commend you on the quality and longevity of your staff. With the results you have helped us achieve, and the measurable return on our investment, the only question we ask ourselves is, “Why didn’t we get involved with Foundation Marketing Group sooner?”

Duncan C., President, Financial Services Company

We entered into our project with high hopes of increasing our client base We expected a gradual growth tend, but were shocked with the results. Your telemarketing not only helped turn our business around, but challenged us to keep up with the demand! The majority of appointments turned into new business, and several have already re-contracted us for more work and referred other new clients to us.

Fran C., President, Advertising & Design Company

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