September 22nd, 2016

Three years ago, marketing guru Mark Schaefer coined the term “content shock” to describe customers’ reaction to the surplus of online marketing content.

“In any human, natural, or economic system, when there is an overabundance of some commodity, and there is a limited capacity to consume that good, something has to change,” Schaefer said.

But during the three years since Schaefer first wrote about content shock, little has changed—except that information overload has worsened.

Take email—most B2B marketers’ favorite lead-gen tool—for example.

According to research firm The Radicati Group, 116 billion B2B emails are sent every day. The average businessperson receives 123 of those (only 14 of which are spam).

Your customers are deluged

No wonder response rates keep plummeting.

So what’s the antidote? Send even more email? Publish more blog posts? Sent more Tweets? Resort to producing cat videos?

We may be biased, but we think the solution’s telemarketing.

Outbound telemarketing—when your list is good, your offer attractive, and your message crisp and compelling—isn’t a form of spam or “interruption marketing.” It is instead a time-tested—and underused—way to break through the clutter and focus people’s attention on your value proposition.

Underused is important

We’re living in the “New Age of Content Marketing.” And, if Schaefer is right, your customers may be about to go into full cardiac arrest.

But telemarketing remains underused by B2B marketers like you; which makes it, in a vast sea of marketing content, a relative novelty—and a powerful way to counteract content shock.

That’s one key reason why clients who count on us are reaping significant rewards.

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